Things to visit at Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest

When you visit Bali, something you really have to do is Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Its a small forest located in Ubud, A city in Bali. This forest is the home of many crab-eating macaques. They are small monkeys who live in the south-easy Asia. This place has around 10000 visitors each month.

Right when you enter the forest, you can already see many monkeys. They are all around the place. But if you really want to see a monkey up close, you can buy some banana’s from one of the market stalls around. If you do so, and you put your banana in the air, one of the +-350 monkeys will crawl upon one of your shoulders and will starting eating it on your shoulder.

The forest has several temples. The monkeys see these temples as their home. There are 3 temples in the forest. The first one is the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple.


This one is considered as the main temple. It is used for worshipping their God.

The second temple is the Pura Beji, this temple was used for spiritual and physical cleansing.

The last temple you can find is the Pura Prajapati, this is the cemetery. Every five years a mass cremation is held here.


My personal opinion; this forest is something you really have to visit if you go to Bali. These monkeys are a must see, and its quite funny when a monkey sits on your shoulder.

But there isn’t enough to see to stay there a whole day. My advise is you plan a second or third thing to do on your day, maybe something in the area.


Things to visit at Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest

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